Measurement Audit Software Project using FPA



Function Point Analysis has been increasing in use by organizations as a key tool to measure their software projects. One of the main reasons is to improve their levels of IT Governance. Therefore, systematic mistakes in measurements of projects can cause many damage to these initiatives .
Measurement is a manual process, which consists in evaluating the users requirements by a Function Points Analysis consultant and ranking them according to the rules defined in the IFPUG manual. The certified function points analysis program, which is approved by IFPUG whose abbreviation is CFPS, is an initiative to decrease measurement mistakes and to improve consistency.
Our consulting services let us see that many measuring errors occur due to a lack of experience or knowledge of the FPA by the person who performed the measurement.Many of these errors involve basic measurement concepts and would not be allowed by an experienced analyst.There are also situations in which the experience is not the problem, yet the problem consists in vices that are built in the beginning of the process, and consequently disrupt and are practiced in the measurement process.

Function point analysis translates to money for the business, since it is the unit of measurement of many outsourcing software processes. Therefore, if there are mistakes in the measurement process, both the client and the supplier will lose money. We show our customer that they can stop wasting investments and increase its value in our audit, obtaining nearly 1,000 % Return On Investment (ROI).


To realize measurement audits and software estimates, including inputs and outputs; and bring knowledge to our customers and FPA user of how they can be aware of how good their measurements are and what types of critical issues are being presented.


Work Plan

A certified and specialist auditor (CFPS) by IFPUG will be mobilized to assess the practices and procedures for measuring and estimating software, and the basics of functional measurement in general and FPA in particular. This work is not limited by:

  • Borders positioning between applications and users
  • Type of measurement in accordance with associated management goals
  • The selection of the estimation technique as the level of uncertainty involved and the measurement procedures taking into account the risks of such uncertainty
  • Management mechanisms of time and quality of open scope stage
  • The appropriate use of the FPA measurement according to outsourcing services or technical complementary mechanisms to treat non- measurable items.

Further, fundamentals of assessment provide a verification of measurements and estimates from the user requirements. In the process, the quality of the data will also be evaluated to identify problems with incomplete and non sufficiently requirements.


What makes FATTO Software Consulting unique

  • Our services have over 13 years of market experience of our staff using Function Point Analysis 
  • Services are coordinated by the authors of the book: Análise de Pontos de Função: Medição, Estimativas e Gerenciamento de Projetos de Software”.
  • Our staff is certified function points specialized (CFPS) by the IFPUG
  • Integrity, independence, fairness, objectivity, confidentiality and competitiveness 
  • Training experience for more than 4,000 professionals in specific courses


Expected Results


Our services provide technical reports with observations (regarding improper measurements) and recommendations to improve initiatives. The final measurement is a free mistake audit report for improving software process.


Contact us to do business. We offer you a test drive of our services. We choose a project of your business to be audited by our team and you will receive the results. There is no cost or obligation for this initial test.