Ten Fundamental Questions about Function Point Analysis


These are the ten most frequently asked questions about Function Point Analysis in our trainings, workshops and consulting services. 


1. What is Function Point Analysis? What is A Function Point?

2. Who created Function Points Analysis? Why it was created?

3. Is the Function Point Analysis technique owned by some company?

4. What are Function Point Analysis benefits?

5. Is it necessary to be a software developer to do Function Point Analysis?

6. Who uses Function Point Analysis in the world?

7. What tools are suitable for support and/or to automate the use of FPA?

8. Why automatic tools cannot correctly count function points?

9. What kind of software can be measured by Function Points?

10. Is it possible to use FPA in a project using agile methodology?


You can find their answers in the following article. It was published on the Latest Online Edition of MetricViews. 



The article can be downloaded as a PDF here