Principal changes of IFPUG Certification 


We know that there are a lot of new information. For that we list the most important ones. 



 Documenting the Functional Size Measurement


Learn how to do a function point counting in a organized manner, more readable and with less mistakes.




Ten Fundamental Questions about Function Point Analysis



In the following article, published in the Latest Online Edition of MetricViews, you will find the ten most frequently asked questions about Function Point Analysis and their answers.




Function Points as a tool for the Appraisal of Software



When appraising a software application, it is important to express the monetary value as a range, using the cost to develop the application as the ‘floor’ (minimum value) and the results, the problems resolved and opportunities seized as the ‘ceiling’ (maximum value). Effort and cost are variables directly related to functional size. There are several estimation models that use functional size as an input to estimate effort or cost. For this article we will offer a simpler one: Cost = Functional Size x Delivery Rate x Person-Hour Value. 




Measuring Productivity of a Software Team



As a software organization aims to reach maximum team productivity lev- els, there are key questions that must be addressed. How to ensure that a software team is productive? How to improve team performance to achieve higher levels of performance? Those are some of the questions addressed in this article.  




Software Development and Maintenance Outsourcing - How to manage without supervision?



When we work under the software factory regime, it’s important to not simply adopt the function point as a production measurement unit, yet also establish criteria that make the suppliers share the same interests with the clients in terms of productivity and quality. The supervision does not mean the interests will be shared, it means that the supplier will behave… When and if someone is supervising them.




 Contracting and Management Software using Function Points


"Contracting and Management Software using Function Points" as part of the IFPUG magazine: METRIC VIEWS. Guilherme shared his experience as a consultant and instructor through this publication, and we invite you to read it and give us your opinion to enrich the use of metrics in project management from a strategic perspective. 




 Function Points Leveraging Transparency and Enabling Control Over Software Procurement 



"Function Points Leveraging Transparency and Enabling Control Over Software Procurement" were part of the IFPUG magazine: METRIC VIEWS July Edition. We invite to read and share with us your opinion about it. His experience as a consultant let us know how to control over software procurement. 




The Brazilian model for software contracting using function points



The model of contracting for development and maintenance of software that has been most used in Brazil in recent years establishes the remuneration of the vendor based on a measurement unit of a non-technical business perspective: Function Points. This article presents the motivation for the search in Brazil of a new contract model for software services, the existing problems in hiring models used so far, explaining this new contracting model and what is Function Point Analysis, the difficulties associated with this model and future trends.





Function Points as Product Units



This article describes a successful case of solving strategic and tactical management issues regarding planning and control of cost software using function points as a product unit. Among those issues, the most critical are: managing scheduling software product change requests from the client base through a time-boxed scenario where four releases are made within a one year time period; improving quality and productivity; decrease of overhead relevant to time of development and test departments. 




Measuring Application Development Productivity - Allan J. Albrecht



In this paper, the authors share some experiences in measuring applications development project productivity in IBM´s services organization. 



Functional Size Measurement with Scrum


 Currently, functional measurements and agile methodologies are outstanding in the software development market and SCRUM is one of the most popular. Many people in the agile world don´t know functional measurements or think they are incompatible. This webinar aims to demonstrate that functional measurements and agile methods are compatible and that functional measurements can be used as an alternative to history points, and the project-level effects will be almost the same.




How to conduct effective interviews for software requirements?

 This webinar describes guidelines for interview planning and execution and to discuss topics such as: interviewing skills, common mistakes, factors that inhibit the interviewee, script preparation,question types and  interview documentation.