Requirements Engineering: Business Oriented Software



Our company works the requirements engineering from a management perspective, and it focuses on the fiscal duties of product quality (such as tax contracts, business analysts and product managers), and deals with those who run the system such as software factories, enterprises projects, outsourcing companies and IT consulting in general.
The above is not seen as academic issue; our focus is software planning and production software. We have an ongoing concern with professionals whose work is involved in the recruitment of all or part of the work of developing and maintaining software.
Therefore, we explore requirements with the measurement, analysis and testing. Our motivation is that these professionals can find issues early and have the skills to meet the needs of the business.





  • To present the fundamental concepts of requirements engineering
  • Provide the benefits that requirements engineering can provide to the software project, especially in the estimates and measurements 
  • Bring a structured approach to requirements engineering process 
  • Present and apply a set of techniques which are used in requirements engineering. 
  • Apply the concepts in real case studies to understand the essential knowledge for requirements engineering.


Learning outcomes


By the end of these courses, participants will be able to know how to identify what is needed to conduct requirements engineering.  


The clients will learn how to ask what they really need and the suppliers will learn to properly understand the client's request.


Intended for


Professionals involved in software projects who wish to improve their requirements gathering skills such as managers, business analysts and project managers; or suppliers such as systems  requirements analysts, systems analysts, test analysts, project manager and developers.




Participation in any software project (as a customer or supplier).



    • Requirements engineering definition and its functions
    • Major problems of requirements engineering
    • The importance of the requirements engineering
    • Requirements engineering in software engineering
    • Requirements fundamentals
    • The requirements document
    • Types of requirements
    • The influence of variability analysis project at work requirements analysis
      • Identification of stakeholders
      • Definition of business needs
      • Definition of the scope of the solution
    • Requirements elicitation
      • Activities of requirements elicitation
      • Requirements elicitation technique
        • Analysis of existing documentation
        • Glossary
        • Observation
        • Interview
        • Questionnaire
        • User History
        • Problem control
    • Requirements Analysis
        • Requirements analysis activities
          • Organize requirements
          • Prioritize requirements
          • Specify and model requirements
          • Define assumptions and constraints
          • Check Requirements
          • Validate requirements
        • Technical Requirements Analysis
          • Functional decomposition
          • Modeling process 
          • Model entity and relationship
          • Case Studies
          • MoSCoW / Timeboxing / Budget / Degree
          • Checklists
          • Inspection
          • Prototypes
    • Requirements Management
      • Requirements Management Activities
          • Solution scope / requirements management
          • Requirements traceability management
          • Handling requirements for reuse
          • Preparation of the requirements packet



Method Used


The course follows an interactive approach, in which the participants are not only viewers. At the end of each section, the course has exercises, and half of the credit hours are dedicated to developing real case studies. These give participants the opportunity to apply their knowledge.


Learn more about the vision that FATTO Software Consulting has about Requirements Engineering




24 Hours. This course allows for 24 PDUs credit to be applied to PMP Certification Program.


Educational Material


Portfolio with slides, exercises template and certificate of participation (PDF File).




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