Function Point Mentoring: The bridge from theory to practice


Reason for taking this service


The main challenge of the newly trained FPA professionals is to apply their knowledge on their own work environment. In the beginning, it is natural that doubts, questions and mistakes arise while they develop their projects, but they can become the most common obstacle if there is not an FPA culture inside the company.


Function Point Counting Workshop can overcome these difficulties and avoid a waste of energy and loss of opportunities to share learning on an organizational level. This workshop accelerates the learning process and overcomes inertia at the beginning of the FPA.




To apply knowledge and practical experience gained in the Function Point analysis training in the specific context of business with the support, expertise and experience of a consultant.


To companies and professionals which are already trained on the FPA, this workshop will provide a gathering of concepts, standardization of measurement practices and resolution for more complex questions and will eliminate mistake in the measuring process.


Learning Outcomes

  • To accelerate the learning curve of the FPA
  • Generation of preliminary indicators of productivity and quality of projects
  • Evaluation of quality of estimates
  • Increasing productivity measurement project
  • To reduce non-conformance in project measuring 
  • To reduce discrepancies between measurements processes 
  • Standardization of measurement practices

Intended for 


Organizations that are interested in:

  • Institutionalizing Function Point Analysis in their management processes and systems development and maintenance.
  • Increasing the quality and productivity of the function point analysis measurements
  • To update the knowledge of their staff regarding measuring projects 
  • Evaluating measurement practices adapted in critical contexts such as the use of FPA as measurement criteria of agreements for developing and maintaining systems.



It is necessary that professionals who want to take this course to have taken the training course of Function Point Analysis, or they already have knowledge of its most recent version.


Method Used



  • Perform an initial meeting
  • To select representative projects
  • To identify of points of the life cycle of projects to measure
  • To context staff regarding the Function Point Counting Workshop and its objectives
  • Gathering and estimate effort, cost and time project
  • Gathering project requirements defined in a plan 
  • To calculate productivity
  • Preparing the results presentation

Final Step

  • Results presentation 

At the initial meeting, the staff must define main projects in which the FPA will be used. The amount of projects depends on participants. Usually, a project is assigned to each group of two or three people. For improvement projects, they should have a different kind of support and should be longer than one month.


The company must provide documentation of the available requirements in the different levels of the life cycle of the chosen projects. In addition, it is necessary to estimate the cost and effort that allow the participant to be related to the amount of points depending on the generation of preliminary indicators of productivity. Above all, it allows the participants to exercise their skills to estimate and to measure functional size, to meet educational needs, and start to do repository of metrics projects.
During a two day period, each project has its measured and estimated functional size by the group. At that moment, the doubts and difficulties regarding the application of the technique begin to appear. These doubts will be treated by our consultants to create a guide that will multiply the experience and avoid the analysis of continued issues.


Having the functional size information – estimated and measured – and the data, it is possible to create a reference of the project productivity and the growth of the analysis between estimations with documentation of preliminary stages, and measurement made with a prototype or the application itself. In one-day, this data is analyzed by the group and a presentation is prepared with the work results.
The sample is still not sufficient to apply the values obtained for project planning. However, the work provides the necessary technical foundation for this purpose.



  • Submission of general questions about the Function Point Analysis application by participants to continue the analysis and explanation by the consultant.
  • Presentation of specific stages for the analysis and explanation by the consultant.
  • Practicing with the remaining representative projects previously unexplored.
  • Introduction to solution by the group to be argued by the specialized staff.
  • Submission of documentation by the group to be evaluated and improved by the consultant. 


Initial meeting from 8 to 40 hours. It depends on quantity of the project and involved staff from the company
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