Function Point Analysis: Fundamentals, Benefits and Implementation


Reasons for taking this course


Function Point Analysis (FPA) is known as the main tool for measuring functional software products and the processes involved in its development. This includes concepts which can be understood by both the supplier and users. Consequently, quantification of production becomes meaningful terms for both of them.


The main applications of the technique used in the software industry are:

  • Estimation of projects developing and software maintenance 
  • Tools for measuring, compensation of developing contracts and software maintenance.
  • Support the generation of indicators for improving software processes

To learn more about Function Point Analysis and its benefits see our frequent questions and answers about FPA, or try out the new version on of the course in our online education platform.



  • Presenting the fundamentals of Function Points Analysis technique and an overview of the measurement process. 
  • Provide its benefits and main applications in the software industry (especially project estimating, contracts developing and systems maintenance) 
  • Propose general guidelines for the implementation of FPA in business.



In this course, the student will learn about Functional Size Measurement basics (FSM) and how it transforms its basis (Functional requirements) to a number - Function points . In summary, the participant will understand what FPA measures and how to control what it does not measures consistently. Therefore, it presents how the non-functional requirements are weighted in when FPA is used to measure the products of developing and maintaining software.


Some of applications for the acquired knowledge are the following:

  • Develop technical specifications in ads / or requests for proposal (RFP) with a service level agreement (SLA) according to deadlines, defaults, policies and criteria for measuring the delivered products.
  • Compare the performance of services for systems development and maintenance in businesses with other organizations in the market (benchmarking).
  • Complement the measurement and analysis practices defined in process improvement initiatives with meaningful product units in an external perspective to development services and maintenance of systems. These will be used to establish local productivity goals by the customers.

Specify a historical basis with information of development and maintenance projects relating the delivered function points to other variables of interest such as effort, cost and time.


Intended for


Professionals involved in the software implementation, developing, quality warranty and procurement of software. 







  • Function Point Analysis Definition 
  • Objectives of Function Point Analysis 
  • Requirements and ISO / IEC 14.143 
  • Functional Requirements and Function Point Analysis
  • Case Analysis: Identifying and weighing services and user tasks 
  • User definition and User Vision to measure
  • The measurement process 
  • Benchmarking 
  • The FPA in project management 
  • The role of indicators: A case study 
  • Basis of Estimating 
  • The Cone of Uncertainty 
  • Estimating process 
  • Function Points as a price unit in contracts 
  • Service Level Agreements in trade relations measured in function points 
  • Planning and mobilization for the FPA implementation 
  • Acquire process to functional measurement
  • Staff preparation and organization adapting
  • Conclusion

Method used




8 Hours. This course allows that 8 PDUs PMP be applied to Certification Program


Educational Material


Portfolio with slides, cardboard reference, exercises template and certificate of participation (PDF File).




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