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The COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Method does not set arbitrary limits to measure software, and naturally allows to measure not only in the implementation, but also in infrastructure or in need of an intervention in an application isolated part according to the ISO standards (19761). This method allows: 

  • Support in the generation and evaluation of indicators (effort, time and cost).
  • Estimating Software Development & Maintenance Projects.
  • Projection of Productivity goals in software contracting.

COSMIC promotes increased predictability and less variation in the relationship between functional size measurement and the cost and effort involved. It can be used in conjunction with the Function Point Analysis IFPUG. Regardless of the method that was used, the first step is to know and understand how the measurement for generating the PFC (COSMIC Function Point) works.



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This course aims to prepare for the COSMIC Exam Certification. It offers the conditions and coaching for success:

  • Present COSMIC Certification Entry-Level (CCFL).
  • Provide feedback, tips and guidelines for the exam.
  • Offer a review of concepts, rules, definitions, measurement procedures and practices according to the COSMIC Measurement Manual.
  • Help with time management and identifying knowledge gaps 
  • Provides computer-based exam simulation

It does not replace individual preparation for the test but supports and complements it. Participation in thiscourse does not guarantee a passing grade for the exam. Student involvement is essential to the success. The instructor will be available throughout the course. It offers much more than a set of exam simulations. The exam preparation is not just doing exam simulation. Through the support of mentors, a specific guidance according to the student performance is provided.



  • Comments and tips fot the exam
  • COSMICglossary
  • Vocabulary, concepts and definitions 
  • COSMIC Measurement Manual
  • Tests based on COSMIC Measurement Manual
  • Mini exam simulations
  • Exam simulations

Method Used


Method Used


This is an Online Distance Learning (ODL), online and in-company course. Throughout these years, we have prepared professionals for the COSMIC Exam Preparation and the Online Distance Learning (ODL) is the most effective way to teach. We can also combine the Online Distance Learning (ODL) and face-to-face classes. In this case, the Online Distance Learning (ODL) are scheluded before the face-to-face session. It is expected that the participant will also study the reference material - COSMIC Measurement Manual.
In other words, face-to-face sessions do not replace all the activities undertaken in the course syllabus. Between each clase will have few days to achieve the exam simulations and discuss the questions. For many participants, more important than the test is the correction and discussion of the questions. The interval between the sessions allows participants to have time to better assimilate the contents of the previous class and study the issues in which his performance was not satisfactory.


The course has a forum which is constantly monitored by instructors. In addition, the student can contact his instructor through e-mail, chat or phone. It is based on the "Robinson" (EPL2R), which is a methodological process that consists of five moments: exploring, asking, reading, memorizing and reviewing.
The proposal of the course is to explore the COSMIC Measurement Manual; each part is addressed in a deeper way with exercises. After going through all the units, the student will find several exam simulations, going through all the concepts, rules and case studies.
The best assessment tool which ensures that the student is ready to take the test are the exam simulations scores. For the student who engaged properly, there is a significant change in performance in each test. This occurs until he gets the right timing and obtains a success rate of 90%.
Online Distance Learning (ODL) allows the students to walk on their own way. They can make and follow their own study schedule. However, student need discipline to reach their full potential. To support the participants, we provide a schedule. Dedication to the course may vary for each student, depending on his prior experience and knowledge. We suggest that they are involved at least 8 hours per week. Considering this, it is estimated about 96 hours to develop all the activities. This commitment can increase in case there is a point to re-review. If the course is face-to-face, it must be added a eight hours class.




16 Hours  with a 30 days deadline. This course provides a 16 PDUs PMP credit in the certification program.


Educational Material 


All educational material is available in our online learning platform: Portfolio with slides, cardboard reference, exercises template and certificate of participation (PDF File).





You will receive personalized attention from our team of instructors before, during and after the course via e-mail, chat, telephone and skype.




Intended for


Professionals who wish to seek the COSMIC certification 




Participation in the course "Software Measurement and Estimation using COSMIC". 




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