Software Development Hiring Course Using Agile Methods


From August 19 to 23 our partner and consultant Guilherme Simões taught the Software Development Hiring Using Agile Methods course in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia.



The courses aims to drive thru the key challenges in contracting software development and maintenance services under software factory arrangements using agile methods and preparing participants to plan, manage demands and validate deliveries.



“Thank you for taking a great course on Software Development Contracting Using Agile Methods, where we can get insights for improvement in our Information Technology Contracting Plans, including Software Development Service and or Factory Practices. and Agile Methods.”
- Daniel Júnio dos Santos, Head of Systems Compliance and Quality Service (course participant)


“We really appreciate all the FATTO staff and especially Professor Guilherme, the course was excellent with important tips and suggestions for future hires and follow-up of software factory services using agile methods. Positivity and gratitude define our learning !!!”

- Keila Beatriz Pacheco Fontes, Technology Analyst (course participant)