New Course: COSMIC Exam Preparation




This course aims to prepare for the COSMIC Exam Certification. It offers the conditions and coaching for success:

  • Present COSMIC Certification Entry-Level (CCFL).
  • Provide feedback, tips and guidelines for the exam.
  • Offer a review of concepts, rules, definitions, measurement procedures and practices according to the COSMIC Measurement Manual.
  • Help with time management and identifying knowledge gaps.
  • Provides computer-based exam simulation.

It does not replace individual preparation for the test but supports and complements it. Participation in thiscourse does not guarantee a passing grade for the exam. Student involvement is essential to the success. The instructor will be available throughout the course. It offers much more than a set of exam simulations. The exam preparation is not just doing exam simulation. Through the support of mentors, a specific guidance according to the student performance is provided.