Metricas 2014 in Brazil



We are pleased to announce that our participation in the event “Metricas 2014” was successful.


This year marked the sixth edition of the Metrics Conference (since 2009) and FATTO Software Consulting was one of the sponsors of the event. This time it was in Brasilia, Brazil, on November 13th. The previous day there was a Function Point Analysis Workshop. Our consultant Carlos Vazquez, presented his conference named: Integration of Agile Development with IT Corporate Governance Using Functional Metrics, in which he approached a reconciliation strategy of agile development with the requirements of corporate governance.





In addition, we launched the test edition of FATTO Dimensional. We will be publishing this magazine every two months with the new and consolidated dimensions that are associated with the software management process: Measurement, Estimation and Requirements.


During the event, we also had the pleasure of having representatives of the Ministry of Planning and the Caixa Bank as winners of our raffle of two courses and a remote consulting session (yes, FATTO is more than a technical training company; we have a Metrics Factory and a complete portfolio of Metrics Implementation to measurements audit).